About Us

How it all started

Who could bring home the best gifts with the greatest story? Ever since Merel, Lotte & Evan started sharing stories about their trips, they had a little competition going on. Year after year the gifts became better and better… Then, one day we realized we could make a difference by not only buying gifts for our loved ones but sharing them with everyone! It would be even better if we could help the heroes that make the goods at the same time. The idea of handpicked, handmade goodies from a fair chain was born. And so we called it Floki Goods, after a Norwegian explorer from the 9th century.

Why Floki really needs to be there

All the goods you buy have a long story attached to them. Whether it’s your favorite bar of chocolate or that good-looking t-shirt, somebody produced it for you. Unfortunately, the circumstances in which people make these products are not always as good as we might hope. Wages are low, people don’t have access to medical care when needed, producers work long hours (sometimes even forced), and the conditions of the workplace can be poor. Although we understand that everyone wants a good price for the stuff they buy, we don’t want the producers to pay this price with their health, or even worse, with their lives.

What Floki does

With Floki we want to eliminate all products that leave such a trail of nastiness, starting with the producers. The producer is our Floki hero. We want to offer you products of people that get honest prices and work under good conditions. We are creating the opportunity for you to buy great, high quality, handmade goods. This way we all have a chance at a great life with happy families and equal opportunities. On top of this, we keep traditional handicraft methods alive and kicking!

How Floki works - we're going fair chain!

For us, there is no business if it is not socially driven. We think everyone should be able to thrive. And thus, our social goals are always as important as our financial ones. Sure we try make money, but only if everyone is making some. How do we do this? We go beyond fair trade, to fair chain. We only buy if we know where our goods come from. Our producer sets the price. We than cut out the unnecessary middle man because we have been to all of our producers, so we don't need middle man that can speculate with our product, and so the producers ship straight to us, into our webshop and to your homes. This is how we keep our chain short, clear and insightful. Besides that, it's the producer filling it's pockets, more money is left in the local communities for it's economy and families to thrive!

Floki's six steps to fair chain

In order to work towards our mission to make all our supply chains fair, we developed a six step plan to reach fair chain:

1. Decide on the part of the supplay chain your are going to focus on first.
2. We have respect for our producers, we are in personal contact with them and we have an equal business relationship based on trust.
3. We always make advance payments, we take all the risks.
4. No fast fashion - we plan our collections in advance, and never pressure for a quick fix.
5. We construct a fair price for our producers.
6. We go to the producers to research and improve the local working conditions.

The Floki Team

Merel Sluiter – Co-Founder & International Relations Girl

“It’s not the money, honey!” If our producing heroes are not happy, Merel has a grumpy face. She is always talking to our heroes asking the question: how can we make your world a better place? What do you need? With a background in sociology and a studies in International Development she is eager to develop our business in honest ways. She’s is our collective conscience, secret singer and financial fiddler.

Evan van der Holst – Co-Founder and IT guy

Be honest: you need a cute guy in your midst! But that’s not the only reason Evan is part of the Floki team. He’s crazy about social enterprises, and is always looking for the best ways to reach our social goals. Besides that, he is a realistic philosopher and CEO at the same time. What that gets us? A super-smart and friendly business guru to be!

Lotte Sluiter – Co-Founder & Communication Chick

She just loves to eat cookies! Besides that Lotte has a great appetite for sharing the Floki love with the world. With an attitude that can get annoyingly enthusiastic and positive, she writes and talks about Floki goods to everyone who has a minute to spare. Also she wants to clean up the entire Floki chain to make it a fair chain all along. Can you think of a better billboard than a living one?