Tsering Scarf (green/blue)

34.95 Including BTW

100 % sheep wool

100 % handmade

100 % Floki proof

Size: 100 (w) x 200 (l) cm

Everyone needs some warmth on a cold day… And this Tsering scarf is ready to cuddle! Handmade of 100 % scheep wool and big enough to cover your whole body, it’s time to say bye bye to cold necks and grumpy faces.

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Your Tsering scarf has been handmade by Tibetan people that fled from China into the Himalaya’s of Northern India, and North-Indian people. There is a wonderful cooperation between these two groups in the Himalaya’s. When there is more work than the Tibetan community can handle, they work together with skilled, Indian workers. The best thing is they get the chance to work for the Tibetan Cooperation that pays honest wages and enhances traditional handycraft.

What does my buy mean for the Floki Heroes?

With your buy you supply a good wage to the Tibetan and India craftsman. Also you make sure that they have work in the first place, and they keep the craftsmanship alive. Important for the people working within the cooperation is that they very often don’t have a permanent passport after they fled Tibet. Within the community is the only place they are aloud to work. That is also why their handicraft skills from back home come in very handy. The knowledge is then passed on to next generations as well.

How to take care of this Tsering scarf:

Please hand wash in cold water. Do not iron, tumble dry or lay it out in the sun to dry.


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