Tuptin Bag (red/orange)

49.95 Including BTW

100 % wool
100 % handmade
100 % Floki proof

Size: 50 (h) x 40 (w) x 15 (d) cm (fits a loptop of max. 17 inch easily)

Made by Floki Hero: Tutpin

Holy crap, that’s a holy bag! This purely sheep woolen, handmade Tutpin bag comes straight from the streets where the Dalai Lama himself is living. Whoever is carrying this bag is a lucky being.


1 in stock


Walking on the streets of McLeod Ganj in search for wonderful Floki products, we ran into this little stall where a man sat working on loads of bags with miniscule precision and devotion. He was making bags for all of the Tibetan refugee schoolchildren of the village. We asked him if he could do some more Tutpin bags!
What does my buy mean for the Floki Heroes?
We asked what our Tibetan hero got for this handmade bag. Was it enough to support his family, pay for education for his children and groceries? Yes it was! Thus, this bag was already fair priced, and we are proud to present it to you straight from the streets of the Dalai Lama!
How to take care of this bag:
Please hand wash in cold water. Do not iron, tumble dry or lay it out in the sun to dry.


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